The Enterprise Console is the installer that manages the entire lifecycle of new or existing on-premises AppDynamics platforms and components.


Product Manager - Adam Cath
Engineering Lead - Vamshi Bhoopalam


When a user attempted to upgrade their HA controller pair to the latest version :

1. and an error occurred, the user had to manually search for solutions to resolve the issue.

2. UI notifies the upgrade was successfully done but it might not be true because some verifications were not done during the process. 


1. Provide step-by-step guidance for upgrading controllers safely - including verifications

2. If any errors occur, the user should be able to take a detoured route to safely upgrade the controllers.  

Providing Guidance - Small Modal vs Wizard

Idea 1 - Small modal to guide throughout the upgrading process ( less expensive approach )

Idea 2 - Wizard with step-by-step guidance ( a new component is needed) 

All stakeholders agreed the wizard provided better guidance helping users do the right thing. 

Initial Design

Descriptions on the actions were hidden under the info icon to reduce the visual clutters.

Actions and the Impacts

However, I learned each action could have an impact such as controller downtime. So it was important to make sure the user reviews every possible action before clicking the action button.

Big action buttons were used to assure the user takes the right action. 

UI Design and Redline Specs

Complete Package

I provided complete design package including design document with full interaction guidelines and specs and redline visual specs.

UX Review

The engineering team is implementing the feature and I'm supporting their additional UX needs and reviewing the implementation.


Provided the user friendly and secure step-by-step guided upgrade process.

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