AppDynamics Browser Real-User Monitoring is a product that lets you monitor real users experience while they use the browser-based applications and how it impacts the business.


Product Manager – Emily Wang


The current UI didn’t provide the accurate EURT (end-user real time) and the customers raise concerns that they couldn’t trust the number presented and couldn’t capture the meaningful performance value.


I created a storyboard to communicate user’s pain points. As we discussed around the storyboard, we were able to identify the list of solutions we’d like to provide.

Current Flow

I worked on the current flow to help the team identify and frame the problems we want to solve.

Design Goal

1. Use existing Configuration page under EUM to give user ability to set the custom EURT.

Design Goal

2. Page timing marker needs to show the new event

Identify Affected Areas

There were 3 existing pages that needed to be enhanced with the new feature.
1. Configuration page to enable users to set up the new type of EURT called Visual Complete
2. Dashboard where the new metric will be visualized
3. Event Timeline with the new marker for the Visual Complete.


Since the design goals were straightforward and no major visual design change was needed, I created page samples and guided the engineering team for the implementation.


Provided the accurate EURT by enabling users to customize EURT and get more meaningful performance data.

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